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VerifyToday™ is a web-based service that provides real-time verification of employment on behalf of an employer, while closely protecting confidential employee information. With Human Resource and Payroll departments experiencing an increasing number of verifications for current and former employees, many employers are choosing to outsource this function to VerifyToday as their designated agent.

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A Verifier (other employers, background screening firms, mortgage lenders, landlords, social service agencies, etc.) needing to obtain an employment and/or salary verification
An Employer interested in becoming a participating VerifyToday company
An Employee or Consumer with questions about VerifyToday

FACTA Notice: Consumers may request a free annual file disclosure pursuant to the Free Annual File Disclosure Rule, 16 C.F.R. Part 610, by calling 1-866-221-2105, or by sending a written request to VerifyToday, Post Office Box 5920, Scottsdale, AZ 85261. Consumers may check the status of their request by calling 1-866-221-2105 or sending a fax to 602-903-3210.